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pitbull puppies price in india

We all know that the pit bull dog is one of the most popular breeds in the world. This dog has a long history and is known to have originated in Cuba. However, these dogs are also found throughout many other parts of the world, including India. This is because India has some of the most stringent breed standards for Pitbulls.

In India, pit bulls are considered to be dangerous animals. This is because these dogs have a reputation for being very aggressive. Additionally, these dogs are not typically used for purposes like hunting or farming. Instead, they are typically used as guard dogs or attack dogs. Therefore, if you're looking to buy a pit bull in India, you'll likely need to pay a high price tag.

Price Overview

The cost of a Pitbull dog in India varies from city to city and region. The average price of a Pitbull dog in India is Rs. 7,000-95,000. However, the price can vary depending on the location, the breeder, the quality of the dog, and the time of year. The cost of a Pitbull dog also depends on its size - small dogs cost less than large dogs.

Pitbull Puppies Famous Photos

pitbull puppies photos
pitbull puppies photos
pitbull puppies photos
pitbull puppies photos
pitbull puppies photos

An Average Figure About Pitbull Puppy Pice

Pitbull puppy prices in India can vary depending on the breeder. However, a healthy average price for a male pup ranges from Rs.15,000 to Rs.25,000, while females cost around Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000. As with any other breed of dog, make sure you do your research and ask around before making a purchase.

Pitbull dog owner list with price & Phone Number

Owner Name Price in Delhi Whatsapp Number
Sanjay ₹7,000 +91-755-4151-698
Prem Sing ₹12,000 +91-945-5624-327
Neha Kaur ₹22,000 +91-755-8915-450
Ajay Yadav ₹28,000 +91-945-4521-687
Kulvant Negi ₹33,000 +91-855-5478-842

Pitbull Dog Price India's Top Cities

Pitbull Dog Price in Bangalore: The price of a Pitbull Dog in Bangalore is Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 depending on the quality and age of the dog. These prices may vary from one city to another.

Price of a Pitbull Dog in Hyderabad: Hyderabad has some of the highest pitbull dog prices in India. You can get a good quality, Pitbull for around Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000.

Price of a Pitbull Dog in Chennai: Chennai is also known for its high prices for pitbull dogs, ranging from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000.

Price of a Pitbull Dog in Mumbai: Mumbai is not as expensive when buying Pitbulls as compared to other cities like Chennai and Hyderabad. You can get a good quality Pitbull for around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000.

Bulldog Puppy Price in India with States

State Price
Delhi ₹12,000-₹35,000
Mumbai ₹15,000-₹65,000
Bangalore ₹13,000-₹50,000
Kolkata ₹7,000-₹25,000
Jharkhand ₹18,000-₹65,000
Chennai ₹26,000-₹95,000
Punjab ₹9,000-₹55,000
Lucknow ₹8,000-₹35,000
Jaipur ₹14,000-₹28,000
Bihar ₹27,000-₹85,000
Haryana ₹27,000-₹62,000
Himachal Pradesh ₹25,000-₹70,000
Uttrakhand ₹13,000-₹59,000
Hyderabad ₹17,000-₹80,000

What should you know before buying Pitbull?

pitbull gif
pitbull gif

1. Pitbull is considered the most athletic dog

Many people consider Pitbulls to be the most athletic dogs. This is not only due to their size and strength but also their instinctual athleticism. Although many other dog breeds can run, jump and play fetch, Pitbulls have an innate ability to do these things at a higher level than most other dogs. Not only are they great athletes, but they make great pets as well. So if you're looking for an active and friendly dog, Pitbulls may be a perfect choice!

2. Type of pitbull you should buy

If you're considering getting a pit bull, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure you know what type of pitbull you're looking for. Second, be sure to research the different types of Pit Bulls to find the perfect one for your family. There are two main types of Pitbulls: the American bulldog and the Staffordshire bull terrier. The American bulldog is more muscular and has a reputation for being more aggressive than the Staffordshire bull terrier. However, if you want a gentle dog, then the Staffordshire bull terrier would be the better option.

3. Behavior and characteristics of pitbull

As a breed of dog known for its aggression and strength, it's no surprise that Pitbulls can be quite challenging to live with. However, with the right training and patience, these dogs can make great family pets.

4. Pitbull common health issues

Pitbulls are a popular breed of dog, but like all dogs, they can suffer from common health issues. Some of the most common problems that pit bulls experience include hip dysplasia, dental Problems, and epilepsy. If you are considering getting a pet pit bull, it is important to do your research and be aware of the risks involved.

What is the Pitbull Feed Cost?

If you're looking to buy pitbull food in India, then you'll want to keep these prices in mind. On average, the monthly pitbull food costs around Rs 6,000 to 14000. Pitbulls are one of the most popular dog breeds in India. They make great pets, and their feed prices can vary depending on where you live. 

What is Training Cost?

Pitbull training price in India is very high. You need to spend a lot of money to get a good Pitbull dog. The cost of Pitbull training in India ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 per month. You also need to pay for the food and health care of the dog. And last but not least, you will have to spend money on trips to take your Pitbull for training.

What is a veterinarian's cost?

Vet prices for pitbull dogs also vary depending on the location. In general, vet charges for a pit bull dog will be higher in larger cities than in rural areas. Additionally, vet charges for a pit bull dog that suffers from health issues will be higher than charges for a healthy pit bull dog. The average price of a pit bull dog vet in India is around Rs. 10,000. This amount can vary depending on the city and the doctor

Pitbull Grooming Monthly Cost?

If you're looking for a talented pitbull groomer in India, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the affordable rates and quality of work that can be found. Pitbulls are known for their distinctive coat and require special care when it comes to grooming; fortunately, many of India's top groomers have been caring for pit bulls for years. As a result, the Pitbull dog grooming price in India starts from INR 3,000. The groomers provide all the necessary equipment like clippers, scissors and combs while hair is cut and washed. In addition, the pet will be given a complete bath with shampoo and conditioner before being styled.


Pitbulls are one of the most popular dog breeds in India, and for a good reason! These friendly dogs make fantastic family pets and provide plenty of love and laughter. If you're looking to buy a pitbull in India, be sure to compare prices between different breeders before making your decision. You'll want to find a breeder who is reputable and has healthy puppies, as well as one who can meet your budget.

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